Save Money on Heating Your Pool By Harnessing the Power of the Sun: Five Ideas

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Heating your pool can be expensive, but there are ways to reduce that expense. Namely, take advantage of the sun to help heat your pool. Here are five ideas. Some of them are used to alleviate the burden on a conventional pool heater while others can be used on their own:

1. Put a cover on your pool when not in use

A simple pool cover can help to lock in any heat that your pool has, reducing the burden on your conventional heater. Additionally, covers prevent evaporation, saving on your water costs as well.

To make an even bigger impact, don't just use a regular cover. Instead, use one that is well insulated and designed to trap heat.

2. Use solar sun rings

Standard pool covers lie over the entire pool, meaning they can't help with heating the pool while you are in it. However, there are solar sun rings. These rings are like mini covers, and you can even create a full cover by snapping them together with magnets.

They attract the sun and use its energy to heat the water, and as they do not cover all of the pool's surface, you can have a ring or two on the water while you use the rest of the pool.

3. Pump the water through a black hose lying in the sun

If you want to forgo the traditional pool heater, you can make your own makeshift solar pool heater. Essentially, all you need is a bunch of black hose and a pump. Lay your black hose out in the sun, and use your pump to take water from the pool and run it through the hose.

As the water sits in the hose, it naturally heats up in the sun. When it gets pumped back into the pool, it is nice and warm.

4. Position your pool strategically

If you don't have a pool yet, or if you have an above ground pool that can be moved, position it in a way that takes advantage of the sun. Ideally, you want the pool receiving as much of the sun's rays as possible. You don't want it shaded by the house.

5. Invest in a solar pool heater

Finally, consider investing in a solar pool heater. These heaters come with solar panels that absorb the energy you need to heat your pool. Although they cost money upfront to buy and install, once you have them, you don't have to worry about paying for electricity to heat your pool.

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