What to Expect During Your First Pool Maintenance Appointment

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When you have a swimming pool installed or when you buy a home with a swimming pool, you may not be used to pool maintenance appointments. Depending on the company, there may be certain services they will perform and others that will cost extra. In general, there are a traditional tasks that will be available during all your maintenance appointments. Here are a few tips on what to expect during the first appointment.

Water Testing

Most pool companies will perform some form of water testing during the first maintenance appointment. This is to ensure the pH of the water is at normal levels and the testing helps determine which chemicals will need to be used in your pool for cleaning. The water testing will also help the pool tech determine if there are any issues that you should know about or anything that you will need to change in your own routine water treatments.

Filter Changing

Just like with your car and air conditioner, the filter in your pool will need to be cleaned and changed. Depending on the type of filter you have, this could mean just switching out an old filter for a new filter or it could mean replacing the filter media. If your filter uses media it could be using glass, sand or even pearl-like filtering systems. If it uses a traditional filter, then your pool tech will replace the filter cartridge with a clean one. You will also be notified of the next time you will you need to change the filter or have the tech come to the home and change it for you.

Robotic Cleaners

One of the steps the pool technicians may do during your pool maintenance appointment is use a robotic cleaner. These cleaners are dropped into your pool and will run along the bottom of the pool for the full length of the area. They will clean any debris, mould or algae that has developed. The technician may also scrub down the sides of the pool for the robotic cleaner to pick up during it's cleaning routine.

These are just three of the steps your pool maintenance technician may accomplish during your first appointment. If there are other services they feel you need, they will suggest them at this time along with a price estimate for on-going services and your next appointment date. You can also request that only green or eco-friendly chemicals be used on future appointments. To learn more about pool maintenance and services, contact a business like Cygnet Pool Supplies & Service Pty Ltd.