Swimming Pools | 4 Steps To Ensure Your Kids Remain Safe In Your Backyard Pool

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Your kids probably want to get into the water on the first day of summer, but before you let them in, you must consider the safety aspects involved with owning swimming pools. According to the Royal Life Saving (RLS) Drowning Report, swimming pool drowning accounts for nearly 61 percent of deaths due to drowning for children below five. To prevent accidents, you'll want the contractors to install safe materials for pools at all times. Apart from swimming pool installations, you can also undertake some steps to ensure your kids remain safe in your backyard pools.

Apply Your Own Rules

Every household is different, so why not apply your own safety rules to your backyard pool? These rules need to be made known to your children and enforced strictly at all times. Kids tend to forget rules conveniently, so be sure to write them down in prominent places for your children to read at all times. For example, you could put up rules like:

  • Don't run around pools
  • Shower before swimming
  • No drinking bottles near pools
  • No swimming without adult supervision
  • No electrical appliances around the poolside

Instilling these simple rules in your children's minds will ensure that pool safety rules are followed. You can apply your own rules based on your specific pool needs.

Make Sure Your Kids Are Only Allowed To Swim Under Your Guidance At All Times

According to the same report, absence of adult supervision was the cause of accidental child drowning in 94 percent of the cases. That's why you'll want to enforce a parental guidance rule for your backyard pools at all times. Parental guidance is vital because it is highly dangerous to allow kids to venture into pools unsupervised –– evident from the alarming drowning statistics. Make sure you're not distracted when your kids swim. You may also want a pool contractor to install safety fencing around the pool to prevent your kids from sneaking into it when you're not around.

Know First Aid

Knowing first aid will help you in case of any pool emergencies. This could be the difference between life and death, and you certainly don't want to play around with your child's life. You can learn first aid at a local community club or leisure centre. The course will teach you to administer CPR for different age groups. Place a resuscitation chart on your pool fencing to refresh your memory if necessary.  

Teach Your Kids To Swim From A Young Age

Most people own pools because of the fun it brings to children. Make sure your kids learn to swim when they're young, so that they feel at home inside a pool. This will make it easier for them to navigate through water. You can send them for professional lessons or teach them on your own.

These safety steps are necessary to protect your children in pools, so be sure to follow them diligently.