Choosing what shape you want for your custom designer pool

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Buying a custom designer pool means that you can decide to have it made almost any way you want it. This is a clear advantage as you will be able to choose every single aspect of the pool in order to make it fit your lifestyle and your home as well as possible. However, there are a lot of decisions that you need to take that might not be all that simple. One of the most important decisions you will have to make is what shape your pool should have. To make an informed decision about the shape of your pool, there are a few things you should know.


A rectangular pool is the most classic type of pool. This type of shape is ideal if the main purpose of your purchase is to exercise, as the rectangular shaped pool is the best one to do equally long laps in every time. It makes use out of the space it has been given, but for a proper exercise pool, you'll need quite a large garden that can host this type of pool without it taking over the premise completely. As this shape is also so common, it might be the cheapest type of custom designer pools, meaning you will have the money to customise it in other ways than shape; such as special lighting, depth variations, and material being used.


Oval pools are special in the sense that they tend to look softer and less formal than rectangular pools, but still inhabit the abilities of a rectangular pool that make them appropriate for exercise and water sports, making them good family pools. This type of pool also requires quite a lot of space in your garden, and it's not very efficient at making use of the space. It will require the same amount of space as a rectangular pool, but with you losing the extra pool space of the corners. An oval pool is therefore mostly preferable to a rectangular one only as an aesthetic choice.

Kidney shaped

Kidney shaped pools are especially popular if you want your pool to be a place for relaxation rather than exercise or play. These types of pools look more natural than other types of shapes as they resemble natural water gatherings. Therefore it's an excellent type of pool to incorporate in a larger landscaping project. For making it look even more natural, you can also opt for dark blue tiles or hanging plants over it. These pools are not very space efficient, but as they are more appropriate for relaxation than sports, they can be made small enough to fit even in gardens that don't have a lot of additional space without taking over the view.