Tips to Preventing Birds from Hitting Your Glass Pool Fence

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As a budding contractor in the pool fencing industry, you should know that nowadays homeowners prefer glass pool fencing to other types of fences. Such preference can be attributed to the elegance glass brings out in the yard, which in turn increases the value of their homes, especially the frameless glass pool fence. However, that being said, it is critical to recognize that some of your customers will be residing in areas with low flying birds that pose a risk to your fence as well as to the birds themselves. To stand out from the rest of the competition in the business, you can offer free advice to homeowners on how to prevent low-flying birds from hitting their newly installed glass pool fence. This article provides you with tips you can share with your new customers.

Make the Glass More Visible -- The elegance created by a glass pool fence cannot be overemphasized. This is particularly true if the glass is clear. However, if you get a contract from a customer leaving in an area with a high population of birds, then having a clear glass is probably not a good option for them. Therefore, instead of just installing a clear glass and leaving it at that, you can offer to decorate the glass using different methods such as etching or using decals. Whichever decoration methods you employ, ensure that it is the client's choice. For example, if your customer does not want their glass pool fence etched, you can recommend Ultra Violet decals which work best by reflecting light which appears as bright stoplights to low-flying birds. The bottom line is that visible patterns on the glass fence will deter birds from flying into the glass pool fence.  

Cover Pool When Not in Use -- One of the main reasons birds fly into glass pool fences is that they see the pool water through the glass and dive straight down in an attempt to reach the pool and quench their thirst. Therefore, you can advice clients to cover their pools with pool covers at all times. The move will not only prevent leaves from falling into the pool, but also keep the pool water away from birds' sight. While this step will not completely prevent birds from colliding with the glass fence, it will significantly reduce such incidences.

Use Sculptures of Birds of Prey -- Most low flying birds are often small and they are preyed upon by bigger birds of prey such as the eagle. Therefore, as a contractor, you can advise your client to hang sculptures or silhouettes of large birds of prey strategically to scare away the smaller birds. For example, if during installation you notice that birds often fly low on the north side of the glass fence, advice you client to place the sculpture on that side. Such a move will add elegance to the pool area as well as prevent birds from hitting the glass.