Is Your Pool Pump Leaking? Here Are Some Potential Reasons Why

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Just as you pay close attention to the state of your swimming pool's water, it is just as essential to ensure your pool pump is in excellent condition too. When the pool pump is not in good condition, it can impact several aspects of your swimming pool, such as the circulation of the water, the purity of the water and so on. One common symptom to be wary of is unexplainable leaking from the pool pump. This piece examines a few of the reasons why your pool pump could have developed a leak.

Broken shaft seal

When the water is seeping out from the bottom of the pump, it typically means that the shaft seal has become compromised. This seal is located inside the motor, and when it has malfunctioned, it means water is now passing through the pump's motor when it is in operation. Notably,  since the seal works to ensure the motor assembly remains dry, using your pool pump with a broken shaft seal could lead to issues for the motor too. In addition to puddling of water beneath the pool pump, a broken shaft seal can also cause noisy operation of the motor, so you should look out for this warning sign.

Malfunctioning suction or intake line

The second reason why your pool pump can start to leak is if it has developed suction problems, usually in either the suction line or the intake line. When these lines are compromised, one of the first symptoms of decline that you will notice is cloudy water. This sign is also accompanied with diminished suction at your drain or the filter's skimmer basket. While leaks stemming from this problem will tend to start as minimal dripping, left unchecked it can lead to a spray of water gushing out each time you turn on the pimp. As a result, your pool's water levels will gradually drop due to the increase in leaking. You may also notice air bubbles forming inside the pool's filter too. Rather than ignore this issue, it is best to have your pool pump repaired, or you could end up having to buy a new one.

Damaged return line

If your return line is what is causing pool pump problems, the issue likely stems from the gaskets. Firstly, your pump's gaskets could have been improperly installed, which leads to water leakage over time. Secondly, the gaskets may have succumbed to wear, which tends to happen when the water chemistry is not conducive to these components. Having the gaskets replaced should restore functionality to the return line and subsequently the pool pump.

For more information about caring for pool pumps, contact a local pool contractor.