Does Your Swimming Pool Get Cloudy Often? 3 Quick Maintenance Methods to Make it Crystal Clear

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Clearing a cloudy pool isn't a simple task if you don't understand why the pool water gets cloudy and the clearing techniques to alleviate this issue. Most cloudy pools are cloudy due to poor pool maintenance. The water in your pool will often get cloudy if the pool filters are clogged or in bad shape. Algae, high calcium hardness, high chlorine levels, high alkalinity, high pH and increased levels of other sanitisers could also cause cloudy pool water. If your swimming pool is cloudy, here are effective maintenance techniques you can use to clear it:

Use Quality Pool Clarifiers

Clarifiers can help you clear the cloudy water in your swimming pool within a few hours. While good clarifiers can effectively clear a cloudy pool, poor-quality ones cause more damage. Most pool contractors know the clarifiers you should avoid when sporting a cartridge filter because they end up clogging the filter's paper pleats. Quality clarifiers gather the tiny particles, causing cloudy water to come together to form bigger particles that the cartridge filters will easily collect. Consult a pool maintenance expert when buying pool clarifiers to ensure you don't buy those with adverse side effects on the pool users.

Use the Right Pool Flocculants

People who want to clear their cloudy pools quickly use flocculants. Flocculants also clog the paper pleats of the pool filters, and that's why you shouldn't use them when you or someone else is sporting the pool's cartridge filter. You should have pool flocculants in your home if you often host some pool parties; they clear a cloudy pool in just a few hours before the event. Pool flocculants settle all the elements, causing cloudy water at the bottom of the pool. You can then use a pool pump to manually vacuum the cloudy water out of the pool and clear it within 24 hours.

Keep the Cartridge Filters Clean

Do you often clean the cartridge filters of your pool? Hose down the pool's cartridge filters regularly to enhance efficiency. Soak the filters in water containing the right cleaning chemicals overnight, and then use a garden hose to rinse them the following day. Let a pool maintenance contractor help you choose cleaning chemicals that won't clog the paper layers of your cartridge filter. Replace the cartridge filters if they are more than five years old. If you use sand filters, backwash them every fourteen days to remove dirt elements that form cloudy water in your pool. Although sand filters have a lifespan of about 5 to 10 years, replace them if the pool still gets cloudy after backwashing them.

While these are some of the methods you can use to clear a cloudy pool, they won't work if you don't use them right. That's why you should leave all the pool maintenance work to a pool contractor, like those at Leisure Coast Pool Centre, to enjoy safe and fun swimming throughout the year.