How to Beautify a Fibreglass Pool to Harmonise with Your Yard

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A fibreglass pool is a plain shell before it's put in a hole to create an inground pool. But with some beautiful elements, it can be integrated into a stunning landscape. Here are three parts of a pool installation that help blend it into the garden.

Waterline Tiles

Fibreglass pools come in various shades of blue, grey, and tan that make the pool water look like a rich dark blue, a green aquamarine, or other colours. To finish off the pool, you can opt to have ceramic or glass tiles laid around the water line. This row of tiling conceals the fibreglass shell and creates a transition between the water and the pool deck. You can use multi-toned blue tiles or combine tiles of various colours, like tan, grey, and purple. Rather than using grout, a type of silicone is often used that lets the tiles move with the fibreglass base.


The coping is the very edge of the decking, where it meets the pool. For a fibreglass pool, concrete can be poured into a mould around the top rim of the pool shell and shaped with bullnose edging. Your pool builder can stamp and colour the concrete to look like stone tiles.

You can alternatively use a row of travertine, bluestone, or another type of rock paver to create a decorative border around the pool. The colour and pattern of the coping should coordinate with the pool colour and the waterline tiles, as well as the pool deck and patio. A pool contractor can give expert advice on what combinations of colours and materials for these elements will create the look you want.


Another part of the pool installation is the decking. Similarly to the coping, you could choose pavers or concrete. Travertine pavers stay cool to the touch even in direct sunlight, so they make a comfortable deck material. Concrete, on the other hand, tends to absorb heat.

The decking choice should be influenced by the pool's shape and the overall aesthetic of the yard. Is the decking for a rectangular pool in a modern backyard? Or is it for a fun, curvacious pool that blends with the garden?

When you choose where to lay the decking, think about how you plan to use the pool. Create a wide section of the decking where you can put lounge chairs, for example. You can make the decking narrower on the other side of the pool. It doesn't have to surround the pool uniformly to have the same width on all sides. On the contrary, it's more useful to have wider areas in some spots. You may want to add a fire pit or connect the pool to a patio area.

For more information, contact a pool builder near you.